Yep, London Office Space Is In Demand

It goes without saying that office space in London is in demand. The fact that London is the capital makes it a city that is in high demand for everything, but what is the appeal of the capital at all?


One of the most important things to remember about London is that it is the centre of the universe. Well, not literally, but a lot of people tend to have that attitude towards the capital city. Of course, the basis of this belief is due to the fact that almost every big business has its main UK headquarters based in London. With that in mind, it makes logical sense to have your main business office based here as well. In terms of competition with other businesses, it may be seen by prospective clients as inconvenient or that you are not stylish enough if you don’t have an office based in the capital.

While you may find yourself faced with considerably cheaper rents outside of London, you don’t want to take the risk of losing customers by not having a solid presence alongside all of your main competition.


Another key reason why office space in London is in such high demand is because it is so exclusive. Trying to find vacant offices in the city is incredibly difficult and if your business is able to snag one, customers and competition may see you in a different light – although leasing office space form suppliers like can offer a great alternative too. On top of that, the rents are considerably more expensive than if you find somewhere outside of London, implying that your company has a reasonable amount of success behind it.

When you put both of these things together, you can instantly make your business seem very exclusive. It can appear to be a cut above the rest that aren’t based in London and give you a head start against the competition, potentially bringing in a new type of customer. They may not have previously considered you, but if you appear to be exclusive, it can suddenly make your business look that much more appealing, particularly to a customer that is after something a little bit special.


Of course, it should be taken into account that if the rest of the businesses in your sector are based in London, it can actually be beneficial to you to be based there as well. There may be occasions where several businesses need to come together for an event and it can save a lot of time and money if they are all near to each other already.

From a customer’s point of view, they only need to visit one place to get everything they need, rather than having to travel all over the country. If you want to try and save some money, being based in the same building as a company that does a similar thing could give you the option to take advantage of flexible working conditions. If both businesses are happy to hot desk or office share, you could potentially reduce your outgoings, while still maintain a successful business.

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