Tips for Showing Your House to Potential Buyers



Generally speaking the number one tip for showing your house to potential buyers is – don’t. Let an estate agent do it for you. They are professional sales people and some buyers may feel more comfortable about speaking frankly to an estate agent than to a home owner because they will not have to worry about offending the former. That said, the growth of online estate agents has led to an increase in viewings being conducted by home owners themselves and, even if you do choose to have an estate agent conduct viewings for you, it can be useful to know the key tools of their trade, so here are four tips for showing your house to potential buyers.

Be prepared

This article assumes that you have already made your home as attractive as it can possibly be, refreshed, decluttered and deodorized. Your next step is to think ahead as to what questions buyers might ask and be ready to answer them, you may also want to think about how you will drop in facts you would like potential buyers to know even if they do not think to ask. You might want to think about compiling all this information in a binder, not only so that you can access it easily, but so that you can reassure buyers that you have kept all relevant documentation and can pass it on to them where relevant (for example guarantees for building work). If you go down this route, remember to use a binder which looks smart and is big enough and strong enough for the job.

See yourself as others see you

When estate agents conduct viewings, they make sure that they are professionally dressed, well groomed and odour-free. You need to follow their example. If this last point sounds like a slur on your personal hygiene, it isn’t. It’s intended to reflect the fact that it’s very easy to pick up odours on clothes, hair and skin and also in breath and you need to be aware of this and ready to deal with it.

Hear yourself as others hear you

As well as thinking about how you look, you also need to think about how you sound. Your first priority is pace. If you speak too slowly, buyers may become bored, but if you speak too quickly, they may not be able to keep up and they may not be confident enough to tell you that. You may want to try videoing yourself talking about your house and see how you sound to yourself, or ask for feedback from other people (a standard smartphone is fine for this). If in doubt, however, it’s generally best to err on the side of caution and generally speak a bit slower. You’ll also want to think about your diction, even if people come from the same area as you and especially if they don’t.

Clear your emotions with the clutter

People in customer-facing roles are probably going to be at a bit of an advantage here, although even they can still feel sensitive when it comes to showing people around their own home. You absolutely have to set emotions aside and treat viewers as potential buyers rather than as guests, or, worse still, as intruders.

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