Things to Consider Before Picking the Best Carpet for Your Bedroom


Picking carpet for your bedroom can be tricky if you’re not sure what to look for. The carpet in your bedroom should feel comfortable to walk on, but also be pleasing to the eye. The right carpet can not only enhance a room’s appearance but also offer benefits like….

Benefits of Carpet in Bedrooms

  • Insulating Against Noise

If you use your room to retreat from the rest of the world, you might binge watch Netflix series’ that can start off quiet, but then quickly get loud as the drama builds up. Unless you want your entire home to sound like you’re in the middle of a war zone, carpet can help insulate the rest of your house against some of that extra noise.

In fact, the thicker the carpet, the more insulation against echo and other noises.

  • It Feels Good under Your Feet

If you’ve ever woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you know how shocking and unpleasant it can be to put your feet on an ice-cold floor. Carpet prevents this unpleasant situation from happening. No one should have to go through that, and we mean no one. To ensure you get a quality carpet that feels great under the foot, have a local flooring company to come round and assess the flooring beneath your current carpet to recommend the best underlay before buying it yourself.

  • Helps Keeps the Heat in and Cold Out

During the winter, it can be difficult to keep even the most well-insulated homes warm, which can stack up to some pretty pricey electric bills. Carpet, you guessed it, can help. It not only insulates against noise but also helps keep warmth from escaping through the floors.

  • It Look Great with Little Upkeep

You don’t need to spend excessive time worrying about the upkeep of carpet. Most carpet will look great by just running a vacuum over it. Some overlapping ‘W’ patterns are not only pleasing to look at, but it will ensure you get every strand of carpet in the most efficient way possible.

Drawbacks to Carpet in Bedrooms

Carpet does come with some drawbacks though, so you must be careful to weigh these cons carefully before you make your decision.

  • The Replacement Can Be Costly

If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom or the carpet is cheap and wears down fast, replacement can quickly sap any plans you had of going on vacation in the summer. Maybe next year, right?

  • Stains Can Be Tricky to Deal With

Unlike hard floors, whenever you spill anything, a glass of wine, for instance, the stains can be unforgiving. You can consult your stain bible all you want, but some stains will never come out without the help of a professional carpet cleaner, and they’re not cheap. There are some great tips online for dealing with carpet stains, check out this Youtube video.

  • Snags Happen

It’s a common fact that when carpet starts to wear down, snags can get caught up in the beater bar of the vacuum and cause the carpet to unravel itself. You can try cutting the snag down to the carpet itself to help camouflage it, but the next time you vacuum, you’ll probably catch it again.

Picking a ‘pile’ for Your Carpet in the Bedroom

If you thought piles referred to just piles of dirty laundry, think again.

In this case, it refers to how the loops of fabric in the carpet are modified to give it a special appearance and/or a certain feel.

Uncut carpet pile or Berber Cut, is carpet that’s been left uncut or modified except for the coloring. It tends to be durable which makes it a great option for high traffic areas or wherever there’s a lot of foot traffic.

It’s resistance to stains is also appealing, and some carpet manufacturers add additional treatments to the carpet to help it deflect stains from things like wine, or pet accidents.

The only thing most people don’t like about it is that it’s short and not as soft as the more plush variety.

Cut carpet pile can come in a variety of textures that are both pleasing to the eye and touch.

Manufacturers will cut the fabric loop at various angles to get a variety of textures that will create single strands instead of loops. The end result is something that is plush underfoot, but it also tends to show indentions and foot traffic more. It can also be more costly to replace and will need replacing more often, because of its lack of durability. For this reason, reserve this type for rooms that hardly see any guests or foot traffic, or if you just like that luxurious plush feel under your feet.


Picking the right carpet is about more than just picking a color and texture that you like.

It can help save money from high electricity bills during the winter, and as an added bonus, it looks great with little upkeep.

To determine which will work best for you, consider how often you spend time in your room and if you prefer comfort or durability the most. By considering these factors, you can determine which carpet is the best for your room.

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