Revamp Your Office in 5 Painless Steps

modern office

Your office may be a hub of buzzing activity, but pretty it ain’t.

Depressing cubicles, grey walls, seemingly endless rows of ugly filing cabinets, a dingy carpet that’s definitely had better days – everywhere you look, you see signs of neglect.

You know it’s in desperate need of some TLC. It’s just a little overwhelming once you start counting all the odd jobs and major refits necessary to transform your workplace from drab to dazzling.

Not least of your worries is wondering where on earth you’re going to find the time and money such a project demands.

To stop you reaching full panic mode, we’ve condensed the messy revamping process into five simple and painless steps.

#1: create more space

Cramped desks and confined workstations aren’t helping your employees feel comfortable. Adding some crucial space is essential.

With mezzanine flooring from a reputable provider, you can utilise one large office space much more effectively. It’ll give you a whole new floor to play around with, and the extra breathing room it creates is well worth the initial investment.

#2: make a good first impression

The exterior of your office building is the first thing everyone sees, including your customers. Make a bad impression and it’ll have a knock-on effect on your business’s reputation.

Keep pathways tidy and free of rubbish, give window frames and railings a lick of paint, and invest in a well-designed sign for the entrance to let them know you don’t stand for anything less than perfect.

#3: focus on high traffic areas

Repainting the entire office and updating all the carpets is a costly, big job. Instead of trying to do it all at once, focus first on the high traffic areas – they age the quickest so any changes here will make a dramatic impact on the overall vibe.

Concentrate on hallways, replacing the carpet and freshening up the skirting boards for an instant facelift.

#4: brighten the place up

One of the subtlest ways to give your office a boost is with lighting. It’s an easy element to overlook, but it has a massive effect on the productivity and health of your employees.

Get rid of harsh overhead fluorescents, turn down the brightness of computer screens and rely on natural light sources as much as possible for a brighter and happier working environment.

#5: add some life with greenery

Whether it’s the long days, stuffy heating or artificial lighting, modern offices can quickly feel claustrophobic.

Inject some life into the building with greenery. As well as being visually attractive, the atmosphere created by placing few plants around your office is proven to increase employee performance.

No matter how dated your office has become, it’s never beyond repair. Follow our five simple steps and it’ll look as good as new in no time.

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