Real Estate Blog Round-Up


It’s officially a brand new year, and because we know that Real Estate investors, buyers and sellers benefit so much from real estate blogs, we’ve put together a list of the best real estate blogs on the Internet just for you. So here we go!

The Broker List

If you’re into commercial real estate, this blog is an excellent resource as well as all-around fun to read! They also offer helpful and timely industry updates to help you succeed as an expert in your niche!

The Movoto Blog 

This may be one of the most fun real estate blogs out there. With tips, tricks and all kinds of other fun stuff. Have you ever heard of a Real estate blog that talks about Bonsai gardening? No? That’s the kind of fun we’re talking about, and we can guarantee you’ll love it.

The Gray Group Blog 

Hands down, this is definitely one of our favorite real estate blogs. From preparing your home for a home inspection to giving you all of the information about how a real estate team functions and assists you through all of your real estate needs and concerns.

MSN Real Estate Blog

A leading site in the world of real estate, the MSN blog offers lots of insight to all kinds of people in the industry, whether you’re new to the game or have been around for awhile, there’s definitely some useful information to glean from this site.

Matrix Blog

This site is wonderful if you’re in the real estate and consultant niche. With plenty of useful information to keep you up to date on recent happenings, the Matrix blog is definitely a site we recommend spending some time perusing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our carefully compiled list of the best real estate blogs on the internet. We’ve carefully combed through all sorts of different sites and we’ve all agreed that it doesn’t get any better than the blogs we’ve compiled above. At least, in our opinion anyway.

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