How Quickly Do You Need to Sell Your Home? Know Your Options



Making the decision to sell your home is really one of the biggest ones you’ll ever need to do in life. Many times families have saved for years and years to get into their home and when they no longer need all that excess space as the kids have married and moved out, it’s time to think about selling. What you really need to consider here is just how quickly you need to sell your home so that you can get the most money for the value you have in the house and its property. You really need to know your options.

How Quickly Do You Need to Sell Your Home

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Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Before even thinking about showing your home to prospective buyers, you may want to consider how to get the most value for your property. Do you need to do any major repairs? What about home improvements that would impact your asking price? Here it is suggested that you fully understand the difference between home improvements and necessary repairs. Do the repairs first because you may need to have everything in working order before you can sell it and then, make only those improvements that can add value to your home. Beware of over improving because you will be needlessly spending money on something that won’t add any value whatsoever to your home.

Listing through Realtors

The usual process when selling a home is to contact a realtor who will then list your home, arrange showing it to buyers and then it’s a matter of waiting to see if anyone is interested enough to make an offer. Of course the real estate agent is looking to make as large a commission as possible that is typically based on a percentage of the selling price. For this reason, the entire process could take many months as the deal is negotiated back and forth until an acceptable deal is agreed.

For Sale by Owner

Some homeowners feel that they can get a better amount of money by selling their homes without the services of a real estate agent. This can be true, but many times without the expertise of a professional you might be asking far too little for your home. Unless you are selling your home, as is, to a group of investors who buy up houses to improve and then list on the market, it’s difficult to sell an ‘as is’ home. Property investors who buy up homes, often within just a couple weeks, take many of the headaches off you as they base their bid on what they feel the property is currently worth and how much they believe they can resell your home for in order to realise a profit.

Ultimately, what you need to consider is how quickly you want to enjoy that small cottage in the country or the one bedroom condo in London. If you want to get the process over with because you are being transferred to a new country or simply are tired of the upkeep, then an investment company may be your quickest solution. You can sell your home as is most of the time and be on your way the very same month. Only you know how quickly you need to be out so base your decisions on that. Know your options.

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