Preparing Your Home Part ll – Last Minute Tips


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You’ve followed our advice in preparing your home or rental for the market. The lighting is great, you’ve made key repairs and replacements, and the whole property is clean and clutter-free. If you still have time before your property goes on the market, here are a few lesser-known tips that can help set your property above the rest.

Replace wall plates and light switches

Often overlooked in our cleaning efforts, a grimy light switch or socket cover may be one of the first details homebuyers notice about a room. Begin with a simple cleaning, but consider replacing them entirely. This affordable upgrade can add a sense of quality and character to a home or rental.

Re-caulk sinks

With a little effort, updating the caulking around your sinks, showers and bathtubs is a quick way to give the bathroom and kitchen that freshly updated feel. It pays to purchase high quality caulk. Take care when cutting the tip off your caulk tube: cut at a 45 degree angle very close to the end of the tube for maximum control when applying the caulk. You can always make a larger cut later if you find that you need it.

Paint adjoining walls

Whilst you’ve likely completed any major renovations at this point, if your home’s main living spaces still need a facelift, a savvy painting project may work a treat. Evoke a seamless, spacious feel in your home or rental by painting walls in adjoining rooms the same colour. Remember neutral colours will appeal to most buyers. Look for a colour that coordinates with your existing furnishings, or browse landlord furniture packages to match your new look and stage your home or flat for a quick sale.

Clear out garden invaders

Invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed, are a menace to gardens across the UK. Dormant in winter, knotweed can grow as much as a foot each week up to 7 feet high in the summertime, crowding out other plants. More than just a pest, these plants are a liability to homebuyers and sellers. If knotweed spreads from your garden onto another property you could be liable to third party litigation or civil prosecution. Additionally, because knotweed’s roots can damage foundations and drainage systems, mortgage lenders often require its removal before granting a loan. Save yourself the headache and remove any knotweed now. Work with a specialist in Japanese knotweed removal who can properly identify the plant and dispose of it effectively.

Liven up your doorstep

Savvy marketers know that colour can help make a sale. Add a splash of kerb appeal by setting a planter of yellow flowers by your front door. Yellow is a playful and energising colour, perfect for putting your visitors in the mood to buy. Daffodils set the mood for a springtime sale and chrysanthemums are great for those cooler autumn months.

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