How to Prepare your Garden for Letting to Tenants

preparing garden

Property viewings in both the sales and lettings sectors seem to surge during the spring, and gardens become more of a focus for prospective buyers/tenants. So if you’re trying to let your property this year, how should you prepare your garden?

Landlords will know that the appeal of outdoor space is high on the list of potential tenants, so making sure a garden is well presented at viewings is vital to a quick let.

The following tips will help you spruce up your garden ahead of springtime viewings – and hopefully get your property let in no time!

Complete basic maintenance

Don’t think that you need to get landscape gardeners in to help you let your property; simply completing some basic maintenance jobs will transform the outdoor space.

Trim back any overgrown bushes, clear up any broken branches and mow the lawn regularly as it starts to grow. Sticking to these simple tasks and checking on the garden frequently before it goes on the market and during viewings will keep it looking neat.

Remember that your tenants will want the garden to be as easy to maintain as possible, so keeping things simple is a smart move.

Remember safety

It’s not just the actual garden that requires attention – your tenants will be considering all aspects of the outdoor space when they look around your property. This includes fences, gates and boundaries. Ensuring that these are all in a good condition will help prospective renters feel that your property is safe and secure.

Specialist Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords insists that it’s essential for landlords to keep their tenants safe, and this starts with fixing broken fence panels, adding locks to gates and securing the property’s boundaries.

If the borders are already secure, a lick of paint on the fence panels can help to spruce the whole place up.

Avoid expensive features

Although you may want to invest some money in updating your property in the hope that you’ll be able to charge more rent and benefit from higher capital gains, some investments simply aren’t worth making.

Tenants are highly unlikely to require hot tubs or landscaped gardens in their rental properties, so it’s not worth splashing out on these features in a bid to make a bit more money.

The key is to keep things simple in the garden and instead invest your money into exterior features that will sit higher up on tenants’ wish lists, such as a modern kitchen and contemporary bathroom.

Keep your target tenant in mind

While your property will be more suited to certain tenant types than others, it’s wise to consider your target tenant when completing work on the garden.

For example, if you’re letting a four-bedroom detached family house, you should bear in mind that your tenants are likely to have children. As such, make sure that the garden has all of the features they’ll require, such as a large green space and possibly a patio for outdoor dining furniture.

If you’re letting a one-bedroom flat, then you might not have any outside space at all. But, if you have a balcony for example, show your tenants how they can utilise this area with some foldaway chairs and a small table – always make the most of what you have to offer!

Improve the kerb appeal

If you’re letting a home with a front garden, remember that this will likely be the first thing your prospective tenants see when they arrive for a viewing. Therefore, the property’s kerb appeal should be a priority when making improvements.

The front garden should show off the home in its best light, so make sure it doesn’t shadow the property and is neat and tidy. Adding some simple hanging baskets or pretty flowers will brighten the whole place up, while a cleared path will make the entrance to your property more welcoming.

Don’t forget to clear the entryway to the property of any debris or clutter, as the last thing you want to do is cause a hazard to potential tenants.

If you’re putting your rental property on the lettings market this spring, these top tips will help you make successful improvements.

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