Plumbing Or Heating Engineer? What’s The Difference?

You are probably familiar with both the terms plumber and heating engineer. You could even be forgiven for thinking they are the same thing, because many people out there think the same. However, despite the fact these terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two professionals.

In the following post we will briefly outline these differences and discuss what kind of work each individual is best at handling.

First up, plumbers.

A Quick Lesson About Plumbers

Plumbers originate as far back as the time of the Roman Empire, where they used to handle work involving lead piping. This is, incidentally, where their name comes from, as Lead in Latin is Plumbum. Hence, why these individuals are known as plumbers.

Although lead is no longer used to make plumbing systems and devices, the name has stuck. In actual fact, plumbers actually spend a lot of their time nowadays working on removing any lead from systems. Generally speaking, modern plumbers work with both dry and wet piping. This includes piping for such appliances and systems as sinks, toilets, drains and dishwashers. Therefore, if your problem is a leak somewhere, then its a plumber who is best for the job.

It is worth noting that many plumbers are qualified and experienced enough to work with heating appliances and systems.

However, as there are special rules and guidelines that enable people to work with heating systems, it is crucial that you check with a plumber before hiring them that they have the relevant qualifications.

So What Are Heating Engineers?

Funnily enough, and in even more plain English, the name ‘heating engineers’ is apt because the individual who call themselves heating engineers only work with repairing, installing and troubleshooting heating systems and appliances located in residential and business premises.

While it is true that some plumbers can work with both heating and water , heating engineers (sometimes known as heating plumbers) are specialists at working with heating systems and don’t work on any other part of plumbing.

Who Is Best To Call For Boiler Repairs And Services?

Although many plumbers have experience and qualifications for working with boilers, you should make sure they have them and that they are what is known as Gas Safe. You are best looking to hiring a heating engineer for all work related to your boiler, central heating or water heating system. Whether it needs a service, repairs or you are looking to have a new one installed, a heating engineer has the appropriate experience, qualifications and credentials for this type of work.

Why You Should Always Hire A Gas Safe Heating Engineer

Whether it is a heating engineer or even a gas qualified plumber for that matter, before you hire anyone you should make sure that they are Gas Safe and have the certification to prove it.

Gas work according to UK, Northern Ireland, Guernsey and Isle of Man gas safety legislation is identified as being any activities involving:

  • The installation, alteration, renewal, disconnection, adjustment, service or maintenance or even the purging of gas or air from a gas system.
  • Moving a fitting to a different location that is not easy to move or change
  • Removing any gas fitting

Any of the above activities should only ever be carried out by a heating engineer or plumber who is registered Gas Safe. It is against the law and puts you and your household or workplace at risk if any plumber or heating engineer carries out work involving gas without the appropriate Gas Safe certification.

So, there you have it. If you were one of the many people who believed that heating engineers and plumbers were one and the same thing – you know different now. Although both are obviously well qualified and competent within their own fields, heating engineers have the advantage when it comes to plumbing and gas systems because lots of plumbers, although well-versed in water works and water systems, are not fully certified, experienced or qualified to deal with heating and gas works.

If you need to have a new boiler installed, have the one you currently own inspected, maintained or repaired in anyway – you are best finding an appropriately qualified heating engineer.

Why Work With Maracom?

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