Why You Should Move to Pasadena, California

Clean air. Mountains. Nature. World-Class cuisine. Beautiful towns and cities. Is there anything as good as California living? Yes, there is: when you’re living in one of the state’s most charming and sophisticated towns — Pasadena — you’re taking that elevated yet laid-back lifestyle to the next level. From the enviable weather to events like the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl to the enclave of early-century appeal and luxury called Old Town, every single detail about this enchanting city makes it the optimal place to experience that Cali way of life.

Here’s why you should move to Old Town in Pasadena:

The Homes

In Pasadena, you are certain to find a home that fits your style and the way you like to live. Whether you love an old-school Craftsman-style house with Mid-Century details or one of the luxurious and sleek modern apartments at The Ambassador Gardens where over-the-top amenities and well-appointed condos abound, there’s something for everyone. If your tastes veer towards the latter more modern confines of The Ambassador Gardens, you’ll be treated to a spectacular building to live in with modern conveniences at your fingertips, like a chef’s kitchen, marble bathrooms, and easy access to everything Old Town has to offer.


One of Old Town’s best features is the fact that it is filled to the brim with the best dining in Southern California, and for lucky residents of The Ambassador Gardens, the endless options are just a short walk away. Indulge in a Mediterranean feast at Café Santorini. Try mouthwatering seafood at Fishwives. Or simply have a drink and an appetizer at the classic White Horse Lounge. Wherever you go, you’re sure to get something marvelous.


Is there a better way to burn off all of those calories you’ll be consuming at the restaurants, cafes, and bars than to take a stroll through Old Town shopping and window shopping? Old Town is known as home to indie boutiques like Finn + Willow, where the sartorially inclined can shop for the latest fashions. But there are also big-name luxury brands that have storefronts in Old Town, like Eilleen Fisher, a renowned purveyor of fine clothing where luxe materials meet minimal design and are worn by the most well-heeled women in the world.


Pasadena is a city that steeped in history, so it’s no surprise that the town has such a large amount of museums. You could spend a lifetime roaming the grounds at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens or the USC Pacific Asia Museum. After museum hopping, relax and watch world-class theater at the historic and iconic Pasadena Playhouse, a century-old institution that hosts plays and concerts with the world’s foremost performers.


It would be remiss not to mention Pasadena’s excellent weather. Year-round sunshine and gentle breezes make the climate here ideal for almost anyone. And fun fact: According to ColoradoBoulevard.net, it only snowed once in Pasadena, and it was technically just flurries.

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