Inside the Luxury Sector: The Rise of the Home Office

A home office is so much more than a place to store stuff your significant other doesn’t want cluttering up the house; for many it’s an essential component in their productivity, a place they can get their head in the game and get work done that a living room or kitchen table set up would never allow them to complete. Even better, a home office can be a font for creativity, providing much-needed peace and quiet, and respite from the endless work-stalling distractions that take place in a corporate setting.


In recent years, home offices have become something of a hot accessory for the jet-set, an indicator of more than just wealth and power, but good taste, as well. It seems that homeowners aren’t the only ones eager to make a luxury home office part of their dream homes; real estate developers are picking up on the trend, as well. At buildings like San Francisco’s 815 Tennessee, a luxury hotspot in the ever-popular Dogpatch neighborhood, the option to choose a two- or three-bedroom residence, instead of the studios most Bay Area residents are used to, means a luxury home office is well with residents’ reach.


While some skeptical homeowners may think creating a home office will be akin to creating a so-called man cave, carving out a private space for one resident in what’s supposed to be a shared home, making a home office can — and does — benefit virtually every member of the family. As more and more careers allow for telecommuting, men and women around the globe are finding themselves not just wanting a comfortable place to work, but needing one. While the coffee houses of the world may provide free WiFi, they tend to be lacking when it comes to distraction-free space, and, in most cases, will hardly provide you sufficient room to even lay out your laptop before someone else begins encroaching. This problem is effectively solved with the addition of a home office, where you can relax and get your work done in an expeditious manner without having to venture even a step outside of the home. While some may be concerned that working from home may limit their productivity, research actually suggests that remote workers spend more time working than those who go into an office and report more satisfaction with their job overall. For parents and those in relationships, a home office can be a particular boon, shaving a few hours off your childcare needs by cutting out the time you would otherwise spend commuting, and making it easier to spend more quality time with your significant other, too.


If the prospect of outfitting your home office to create a space conducive for work seems intimidating, don’t fear; countless furniture and accessories companies have stepped up to the plate, creating home office lines that will make your office feel like a real work space in no time. Whether you’re reading the paper in an Eames chair, writing at a West Elm desk, or grabbing a pen from your Hermès desk organizer, there’s no doubt your home office will be your well-appointed command center in no time.


Creating a home office means you’re taking your career into your own hands, being proactive about your future, and creating a space that means business, right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to log some extra hours after you’ve clocked out at work or are telecommuting full-time, creating a home office is one investment that’s sure to help you earn big in the long run.

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