How to Improve Your Home’s Street Appeal


Taking care of your home’s interior is paramount for a fulfilling and comfy lifestyle. However, if you live in a house, you also want your home to look presentable from the outside. After all, this is how your visitors and even potential buyers are going to form first impressions on your home. And, aside from having other people enjoy your home’s street appeal, you should also allow yourself the same pleasure. In that respect, you may want to consider the following tips, and transform your curb and front yard.

Take care of the grass

If you have a front yard that’s clearly visible from the street, you should definitely put some more effort into making it look good. Of course, the easiest way to do so is to have a neat grassy yard. Green turf can make a huge difference in your home’s street appeal. If you’re not that big of a gardener, you don’t even have to bother with planting flowers and decorative shrubbery. Quite the contrary, you can get a truly amazing look with the minimal approach that involves just tidy patches of front turf. Obviously, if you’re going to make the most out of your green turf, make sure to take care of your fence as well. Shrubbery along the fence is always nice, but if you’re not up to it, as mentioned, you can get a great look simply by repainting your fence.

Add a nice path

It’s great to have green grass in front of your home, but how are you going to get to your front door without ruining it? This is why one of the main essentials of a great curb and front yard is a foot path. There are many ways you can make this path on your own, from using stone and planks to creating a unique decorative concrete path to add something extra to the green surface. You can even match the color/design/style of the path to some other elements of your outdoors, such as your fence and/or house exterior details. If you’re really up for some major redesign, you can install outdoor lights along the path as well.

Spruce up your front porch

Of course, whoever is about to enter your home, yourself included, will definitely pay attention to the way your porch looks like. Actually, this may even be one of the paramount points for establishing a true first impression and general perception of your home. Therefore, you should make sure that your front porch looks neat and nice, and that it matches your home’s exterior perfectly. First of all, you may want to invest in new tiles for your porch. Both concrete and stone are great for this purpose. Secondly, give your balustrade a fresh coat of paint and sealer so that it looks clean and neat. If possible, add one or two plant pots with sleek and pretty plants to make this space more appealing and relaxing. You can always opt for low-maintenance plants in this case.

Beautify your front door and house number

Once you start your work on the porch, you shouldn’t neglect the appearance of your doors and house number. After all, they too are part of a nice street appeal you’re trying to achieve. You don’t have to get new front door – unless you want to of course. However, you can simply proceed to give it a new coat of paint that will create perfect harmony with the rest of your home exterior. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pop of color in this regard, but make sure that the shade you choose can be matched to some of the elements of your home’s outdoors clearly. As for the house number, you can either make yourself a new one, the way you like, or get a new one. This is not a big investment but it can make a big difference overall.

Repaint your house exterior

This is definitely the project that will affect your home’s street appeal the most but will also require more of your time, effort and investment. However, if you believe that it’s time to give your home exterior new life, choosing a new color palette is the best thing to do. In general, you can look at the houses in your neighborhood in order to find the suitable color palette for your home as well. Also, you should try to stick to the three-color rule. Namely, you need to pick your main or field color, accent color for your doors, window shutters and other more prominent details, as well as a trim color, for smaller details such as railings and similar.

Even though you want to improve your home’s street appeal in order to create a positive impression, it’s also very important that you think about yourself and the way these projects will make you feel. This is especially true for those of you who are not planning to sell your home. If you’re going to continue living in your house, it should look and feel the way you find pleasant.

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