The Importance of Using a Property Finder


Whether you are speaking of residential or commercial property, there are often very good reasons to consider using a property finder.

In what follows, it should be remembered that not all property finders necessarily offer the same portfolio of services.  It’s important to be clear in advance what services you require, what services the property finder is able to offer and of course, what are their fees and tariffs.

Just a selection of the things that a property finder may be able to do for you might include:

  • Understand your specific property needs.  

Perhaps that doesn’t sound like a particularly impressive service, given you know them already!  However, an expert in this field may well be able to help you to focus more precisely on the type of property you are looking for.  That is extremely important for them in terms of their search going forward but also for you in terms of structuring your own thoughts on the matter;

  • Offer you advice and guidance on your requirements

This isn’t a question of the property finder trying to change your mind.  This is about them giving you advice about the current state of the market which may influence aspects of your requirements.  The obvious example is in situations where they may, reluctantly, need to point out that your expectations are unlikely to be achievable in terms of your available budget.

That’s very important because it may save you wasting considerable time in fruitless property viewings and discussions with vendors;

  • Suggest things you might not have thought about

This is where their local knowledge plus expertise in the marketplace can be deployed to your advantage.  For example, they may be able to point out that if you are willing to move your specified target area by just a few streets, you might be able to find exactly the property you are looking for;

  • Searching for properties

This is of course at the crux of their function on your behalf.  They will be able to take what can be the rather tedious task of searching for properties off your hands entirely.  The time this may save you is staggering.

In addition, it’s worth keeping in mind that many prestige properties are sold privately outside of what might be seen as the “conventional estate agent advertisement” domain.  Many larger sales are conducted on this basis and unless you are using a property finder, you may never even know that the property is becoming available;

  • Acting as your intermediary

Even once they have matched your requirements to available properties, there remains a potentially huge amount of work to be done.  That includes clarifying gaps in property descriptions, doing research on the immediate area and the property concerned, plus perhaps making an initial inspection visit in order to check the suitability of the property in question.

Once you have a shortlisted and verified property, if you decide to take the matter forward, they may be able to engage in detailed price negotiations with the vendors on your behalf.  Some property finders are expert negotiators and that might work to your advantage;

Finally, some may be able to act for you in the capacity of an overall project manager.  For example, they may be able to arrange interim rental accommodation if there is a gap between you needing to move in and the availability of the property after exchange of contracts.

For all these reasons, a property finder can be an invaluable partner in your search for a new home or new commercial accommodation.

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