Ever Thought of a Loft Conversion Before Selling

Lofts are very appealing for many reasons since they offer endless opportunities for you to express your unique style. They do, however, have their own set of challenges when it comes to space planning and decor. Here are a few tips to help you get it into tip-top shape regarding both function and design -whether you want to sell or stay and enjoy the amenities you create.

Nearly everyone agrees that lofts have a special quality about them. Indeed, it’s their uniqueness that often attracts people. However, it’s these same qualities that tend to pose the biggest challenges as well. The following ideas point out the most common mistakes that loft dwellers make when trying to decorate their space.

Good Space Planning

When people try to decorate a loft, they often get confused because of the lack of walls. So, the first thing to do is to establish the function of each area such as a bedroom, dining area, and living room. A great way to do this is by simply using area rugs to designate each individual space. Keep in mind to use a rug that’s larger than the actual seating area itself to clearly outline the space, which will literally create a new room.

Use larger pieces of furniture to define space as well such as buffets, bookcases, and sofa tables. Other ways to delineate space include hanging fabric from the ceiling or using decorative screens. Also, alternate the patterns and/or materials of the floor such as tiles and hardwoods.

Proper Scale

Just like any other home, the furnishings must correspond to the space. In a loft, furniture can look pint-sized due to the soaring overhead ceilings above. This is one time there’s no need to worry about the furniture being too big. Because of the spacious ceilings, this allows you to get really creative while addressing that issue. Embrace the height by shopping for extra large pieces such as architectural columns or an oversized piece of artwork to enhance the space.

Many times items like these can be found at estate or yard sales, and even flea markets. As long as the room feels balanced, you actually like the pieces, and still feel a sense of intimacy – it will work. Don’t buy something you don’t really care for just because it will fill the space. Quite often you see people trying to decorate a loft and it literally turns into a museum due to the gigantic piano or 15 foot long dining table they used to fill the space. This screams cold and unfeeling.

After the basics are in place, fill it with decorative items like throw pillows, table lamps, artwork, and other interesting artefacts.

Creative Storage

Storage can be somewhat of a challenge in a big open loft. Even though there’s a great deal of space, there’s simply nowhere to put your clothes or conceal your clutter. A great solution is to simply use furniture with built-in storage such as platform beds, wardrobes, or china cabinets.

Also, try to create a focal point in the space such as a traditional fireplace mantel or perhaps custom built shelves to add even more room for storage. Fabric skirts can ingeniously cover bins or shelves below a pedestal sink, while a beautiful mural can hide unsightly shelves full of personal clutter. There’s always a solution.

Loft Decorating Do’s and Don’ts


1. Creatively use the height of the loft by using large furniture pieces, elaborate murals, or collections of artwork to make a dramatic effect.
2. Invest in a few flat cord covers or install floor outlets since there are no walls to plug in things like lamps.
3. Create a sense of coziness by defining separates spaces, despite the unique floor plan.


1. Accept your clutter. A lack of closets does not mean a lack of storage – use furniture storage.
2. Cover extra large windows with heavy draperies. Loft spaces are known for letting in amazing natural light – embrace it.
3. People make the mistake of believing they must incorporate industrial or modern style décor just because it’s a loft. A loft is nothing more than a blank canvas ready for you to paint your style upon.

Use these helpful tips to turn your loft into a warm and welcoming space that will attract a wide variety of potential buyers.

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