Entry Table Styling Ideas to Make a Great First Impression

Credit: 1825 Interiors

Your hallway is kind of like the introduction to your home, the opening impression that sets expectations of who lives there and what’s waiting further inside. You want your opener to feel representative of you and your family, as well as being as functional, thoughtfully designed and ideally stylish as possible. These handy ideas are going to help get you to that great first impression – you never know, they might even apply to the rest of your home, too!

Consider the Space First

Before you buy, place or change anything, you need to have a good understanding of the actual dimensions within your hallway. This means digging up that measuring tape and taking down the numbers of the overall hall, and the area in which you’re looking to style. You might already have an entry table or cabinet waiting to be decorated, in which case you’ll need to measure this, too. Keeping these figures handy will ensure that you’re always styling for the space you have, not the space you want or some other scene that you saw in a glossy mag or online.

Set the Foundations

Once you’re well and truly acquainted with the particulars of your hallway, you can start to lay the foundations of your styling scene. If you already have an entry table, bookcase or display cabinet in your hall, it’s a great idea to move it and place it again, this is going to encourage you to look differently at the space and play around with potentially different formations that you didn’t quite consider before. If you’re buying a brand new hall or console table, then you can bring your hall dimensions with you on your hunt. Remember to prioritise quality, timeless natural materials such as timber to invest in a piece of furniture that you can keep and love for a long time to come.

Choose a Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette for your accessory styling is great for keeping things looking cohesive and achieving that professional edge that we are all striving for. Try to stick to a limited, refined colour palette. If you have a particularly pokey space and you want to make it look bigger, you might want to opt for lighter tones that are fresh and will reflect the light.

Add Layers

Layering different textures and finishes is a great means of creating a rich and warm feeling area. This is perfect for making a beautiful first impression. You don’t necessarily have to go super maximalist here, either. Choose a few simple pieces in slight variations of the same colour, or just different finishes of the same material. This restrained, refined look is great for creating a calm, simple, minimalist hallway.

Bring the Outside, In

Bringing in the greenery will add some freshness to your entryway. Look at placing a plant that doesn’t necessarily need a whole tonne of light, or opt for a succulent instead. You can always choose a fake plant for a sneaky stylish addition that doesn’t require much ongoing love.

Use Small Scale Storage Solutions

Try to add some small scale storage to create a more organised, clean hallway. This is particularly important if you’re a bigger household and you’re always scrambling for keys, cards, change and other everyday essentials when you’re running out the door.

Get Reflective

Adding a mirror will open up your hallway and create a breathable, bright space no matter the size. This is also good for checking your appearance before you head out the door for the day!

Follow these pointers for a perfectly styled family hallway!

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