How To Easily Cut Through Concrete

There are few more versatile materials than concrete. We use it in everything from major construction and industrial projects to small jobs around the home and garden. It’s used in many different scenarios, is strong and weatherproof, and can even be made to look great in modern design projects. Concrete is all around us, and is designed to be extremely tough and durable, so naturally it is difficult to cut through.

When would you need to cut through concrete? In industrial and commercial terms there could be many reasons. It could be you are extending a building built on concrete foundations, or you may need to drill through concrete to get to the area beneath it. You might even need it removing, in which case it needs to be cut to be broken up. Whatever your requirements, cutting through or drilling into concrete is not going to be easy – unless you use the professionals!

Experts in Concrete Drilling and Cutting

There’s no secret in the industry that the most effective and efficient method of cutting concrete is to use diamond drilling tools. This specialist equipment needed to perform these jobs is of the commercial variety, rather than domestic use, so you need to get hold of reputable service providers who can do the job for you professionally and with the requisite expertise. One such company is PSG Contracting – you can find them at – and they are happy to attend to any job, no matter how large or small.

Using the very latest in diamond drilling  technology and equipment, and with a team that is fully trained and experienced in using the most up to date techniques, PSG Contracting can cut concrete however you need. They can drill holes from as small as 5mm to over a metre wide, so are well-placed to attend to any requirements that you might have, and they attend to domestic jobs as well as major industrial and commercial projects.

Floors and Walls

With the knowledge and expertise to perform everything from sawing concrete floors to fitting anchor bolts, and able to provide all manner of core drilling expertise in any type of masonry, you will find that PSG Contracting are the people to go to for all your projects involving the cutting or drilling of concrete. The friendly, professional and knowledgeable team are on hand to help with a any questions you may have, so if you want to talk to them get in touch now.

Operating in and around London and Bristol, PSG Contracting have many satisfied customers in industry, commerce and also in the domestic realm who are happy to testify to their excellent rates and professional workmanship. In what is a breath of fresh air for this type of company, their rates for every service are clearly listed on the website, so you can get a good idea of what you are likely to pay. Have a chat with one of the PSG team now, and let the experts do the job.


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