Which City Rules the Roost in CA—Los Angeles or San Francisco?

California is the third-biggest state in the United States, meaning that going from region to region, even within the state’s borders, can be a major culture shock. Traveling from north to south or east to west within the Golden State can feel akin to traveling to an entirely different part of the country. And for many Californians, these extreme cultural differences from city to city have led to one pressing question: which is better, San Francisco or Los Angeles? If you’re on the fence, we’ve rounded up some amazing reasons to fall in love with each of these California locales.

San Francisco has a booming tech economy: If you’re looking for a job in the tech sector, there’s no place like San Francisco to call home. Home to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Craigslist, Google, Uber, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, and countless other companies in the tech and entertainment sectors, San Francisco is the perfect place for skilled job-seekers to call home.

Los Angeles is more affordable: A major downside to San Francisco’s tech boom? The lack of affordable housing for those who live there. Luckily, Los Angeles provides a highly-affordable alternative just a few hours south. Case in point: Centrally-located luxury residences in L.A., like those at El Centro Hollywood, offer plush amenities and peerless design, but start at just over $2,000 per month—for that price, you’d be living in a closet in San Francisco. For those who want to be closer to Downtown, 888 at Grand Hope Park has luxury rentals starting around the same price, and the building features a 24-hour concierge, indoor parking, a private porte-cochere, and three stories dedicated to amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, outdoor movie theater and pool, yoga studio, landscaped terrace, and private lounge.

San Francisco has incredible architectural diversity: From painted ladies to stunning skyscrapers, San Francisco has stunning architectural diversity. For those eager to call the city home, its new crop of high-rises can’t be beat: for example, at 70-story 181 Fremont, the bottom 33 floors of which are providing office space to Facebook and Instagram, residents can enjoy unblemished views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco Bay, while enjoying interior features like floor-to-ceiling windows, wide-plank oak floors, and kitchens outfitted with Miele, Sub-Zero, and Bosch appliances.

Los Angeles is celebrity central: If you’re looking to spot celebrities, there’s no city in the world like Los Angeles to do it. Whether you’re taking a Pure Barre class next to your favorite television star or drinking a martini next to an Oscar winner at the Chateau Marmont bar, it’s almost harder to avoid celebrities in L.A. than it is to spot them.

San Francisco is a foodie haven: Looking for great food? Look no further than the Bay Area. Whether you find yourself obsessed with the famed cuisine of San Francisco’s Chinatown eateries, fall in love with the city’s iconic street food, or dine at any of the city’s Michelin-starred eateries, like The French Laundry and Saison, there’s no dining destination like it in the world.

Los Angeles is perfect for anyone who likes warm weather: If you want to live somewhere you’ll never have to wear boots or a coat again, Los Angeles is the place to be. Unlike the Bay Area, famous for its fall-like weather and year-round fog, you’d be hard-pressed to find a day in Los Angeles when the weather dips below 60 degrees.

There’s no denying that both San Francisco and Los Angeles have their merits, from lively arts culture to amazing places to live. So, whether you love Los Angeles’ sunny shores or enjoy the foggy beauty of the Bay Area, at least one of these cities is sure to be the perfect place to call home.

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