How to Choose a Better Boiler

If you have decided that the time is right for a new boiler you have a world of choice available. Modern boilers are not only more energy efficient than older boilers, they are also easier to operate and run. A new boiler will save you a lot of money in heating bills and it will also save you the stress of having to deal with a boiler breakdown that leaves you without heat or hot water.

But with the amount of choice on offer it can be difficult to know which kind of boiler to choose. Here is a quick run-down of your boiler options so you can make the best choice.

Choose the Ideal Boiler Type

There are two main types of boiler to choose from, combi boiler or system boiler. The combi boiler is the most common type for the majority of homes. It is a compact boiler and it does not need a lot of space for installation, and it will also supply both hot water and heat. System boilers are better for larger homes and when you want to run a hot bath at the same time as using the taps in the kitchen.

Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages

When considering a new boiler installation, a combi boiler is the quickest to fit and it also takes up least space. You do not need a hot water cylinder or a cistern in your roof. You may be able to get a more powerful shower out of a combi boiler since it delivers the water at the mains pressure. However, given that the combi boiler is compact and works on a priority system, you won’t be able to use water from two points at the same time. Therefore if you have many bathrooms this may not be ideal.

A system boiler is also quick and easy to install, and you usually also get water at the mains pressure. Water is on demand, and you can use several taps at the same time. But you will run out of water if you use a lot at once, and have to wait for reheating. Plus, some system boilers can be complex to maintain.

A conventional boiler requires a hot water cylinder which will be in a separate place to the boiler. You get a good flow of water out of the tapes and you get an instant hot water supply. But these boilers are more expensive, take up more space, and are more complex to install.

When choosing a boiler you also need to make sure that all the controls are easy to operate and that you can set the temperature of the system easily, which will assist in maintaining an energy-efficient home.



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