Cheap Hacks to Make Your Office Space Rock

Cheap Office

Make a charging holder out of an old body lotion bottle

Phones always look untidy, lying around charging, so make a handy, attractive and (most importantly) out-of-the-way holding station for it from an old lotion bottle. You’ll need a bottle with an oval footprint. Ideally, and you should also do a bit of decoupage or painting to make sure it doesn’t end up in the bin. Cut off the top of the bottle, leaving a handle shape and the back, cut a hole in the bottom for the wire/s and voila!

Make a retro statement iPhone holder with an old tape case

You might have to raid your parents’ loft to find one, but when you do, flip it open and slot in your iPhone so you can go hands-free at your desk.

Use a peg basket to store your wires, under your desk

Wires and surge protectors just get in the way, right? So, get a peg basket and screw it to the underside of your desk – with the plug sockets and wires in.

Create an optimistic outlook in your cubicle

With a print or poster of your favourite outdoor scene you can make a window on the world. For greater verisimilitude, hang an empty frame over it to look like a casement. You’ll feel like you’re holidaying in the Alps as you rent an office in Bracknell!

Use a magazine holder to make a corner shelf.

This one’s genius! Use a sturdy wooden magazine holder, turn it on its side and mount it in the corner of your office – instant shelf with a bit of storage underneath!

Fake-make a cubicle door

Although cubicles are supposed to offer privacy, they very rarely have doors. Hang a curtain, or fashion saloon-type doors from plywood or even cardboard.

Transform an old painting into a magnet board

You’ll need an old painting – head to a charity shop or raid your parents’ loft (again) – a metal sheet and a glue gun. There you go – a scenic, ironic or kitschy memo board.

Use your illusion

Offices are notoriously claustrophobic and sometimes dark. Use a few mirrors to lighten things up and create a feeling of space. Experiment with placements and angles to get the best results, then sit back and enjoy the views.

Upcycle some old window shutters and use them to store and sort paperwork

Another fun and easy project – find some old, but not too battered, window shutters, clean them up and paint them, then hang them on your wall. You can slot paperwork and letters in them for easy access – better than an in and out tray any day.

Use magnetic tape or strips to hang things on

This is ideal for small office supplies like scissors, paperclips and so on. Hang the strips to your cubicle wall in a pattern or arrangement of your choosing, then use paperclips or other magnets to secure lightweight items like notes, pens, scissors and so on to them.

If you have some great office hacks, let us know!

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