What Can Be Achieved With The Addition Of Hall Runners



Homeowners will undeniably want to transform their homes into something unique, beautiful and something they can call their own. Your home is your canvas and you can create any type of picture you desire. When attempting to complete your masterpiece, you will want to add paint, wall art, furniture, and rugs. Each component will prove to be immensely important and together they will create harmonized beauty. Hall runners are a good item to utilize to create a path, while also adding warmth and beauty to your home. Below, you’ll learn how these rugs can be used and what they can achieve.

beautiful modern hall runners

Create A Beautiful Path

When taking the opportunity to look at HGTV’s photographs of hall runners, you will quickly discover that these items can be utilized almost anywhere. When placed near the entry way, the rug will create a beautiful path and help to guide your guests exactly where they need to go. The rug can be used to lead your guests to the kitchen, living room or even upstairs. Once they’ve entered your home, they’ll be mesmerized by your rug and will follow it wherever it leads them. And, if you require them to take off their shoes, you can rest assured knowing their feet remain warm and cozy.

Covering The Stairs

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Another good way to utilize this type of rug is by using it to cover your stairs. If you have hardwood stairs, you’ll want to add a little extra cushioning and protection to the wood. As long as you’re able to find a rug, which is long enough to accommodate the stairs, it will extend from the very bottom to the very top. This will create a unique appearance, while also protecting your stairs. It is highly recommended that all homeowners check out My Rug Store. The online retailer offers an abundance of runners of all different styles and sizes.

Creating Harmony

Some homeowners will install hardwood floors and eventually wish to change the color of their walls. This may result in an uneven appearance. If the new wall color doesn’t match the floors, the hallway or room will look awkward and out of place. These rugs can create harmony by ensuring your floors continue to match the paint, trim and other items within the room. If you check out Hatch Interior Design, you will quickly learn that unity and harmony are immensely important for creating a beautiful home. Without these two characteristics being present, your room will make you feel uneasy.

Protect Hardwood Floors

Flooring located in hallways take a long of damage on a daily basis. Work boots, stilettos, and dress shoes can do a number of hardwood floors. Most homeowners request their guests to remove their shoes at the door. In some cases, this just isn’t possible, especially when the visitor is a total stranger or rare acquaintance. This is where a runner will come in handy, since it will overlay the flooring in your hallway. The rug will prevent the sole of the shoe from coming into contact with the wood. Not only will the runner keep your hardwood flooring beautiful and free of blemishes, but also it will ensure a longer service life.

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