Benefits of Getting a Kerb Dropped

Do you struggle, either as a pedestrian, wheelchair user or motorist to get on and off roads around your local area or, more crucially, outside your property? Investing in a dropped kerb could be the ideal solution you need. The process of lowering a pavement is beneficial for a number of very good reasons. If you are unsure whether you should invest in one or not or are not even sure what we mean by the term ‘dropped kerb’, you’ve came to the right place. We will explain exactly what a dropped kerb is and why it can be a sound investment.

What Exactly is a Dropped Kerb?

You will find that in many places, particularly in built-up areas where there’s lots of pedestrians and road junctions, kerbs are dropped, or lowered, to provide easier access for motorists and pedestrians. The process of dropping a kerb involves lowering a part of the pavement so that it is flush with the street or path. When the abrupt and sharp height level difference is removed it makes it much easier for motorists to access properties or to park along busy streets, and allows pedestrians to cross roads with relative ease.

In this procedure, the appropriate kerbstones are lowered to the original height and then the verge or pavement is reinforced to allow the weight of pedestrians and motorists attempting to cross over it.

There are two main reasons why this is done – to make it easier, safer and more convenient for wheelchair users and pedestrians to access and to improve parts of the road where vehicles cross.

Dropped Kerbs for Vehicle Crossings

When kerbs are dropped with vehicle access in mind it is to enable motorists to come off the carriageway and drive across or onto driveways and footways. With a dropped kerb in place, vehicles can do this without causing any avoidable damage to the vehicle, like bumper scrapes or tyre impact, and damage to the pavement. They are perfectly suited for crossings over a pathway and into your own driveway and can be utilised to create more convenient parking spaces – if you have a property with on-road parking.

Dropping Kerbs for Pedestrian and Wheelchair Access

Another reason lowering of pavements occurs is to make it easier for wheelchairs and pedestrians to move onto and off pathways. In both situations, dropped kerbs are generally provided by local authorities and councils if homeowners request them. The decision is made by the council and the request will be subject to installation costs, regulations and conditions. Only council-approved contractors are allowed to carry out the process of kerb dropping.

So, there you have it. The addition of a dropped kerb outside your property could make it a lot easier for you to access by car into your driveway. If you do decide that this is something you’d be interested in having done outside your property, be sure to seek the appropriate clearance for this work through your local council.

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