ARO: The Best Apartment for Entertaining in NYC

Living in Midtown West means you’re right in the heart of all the action NYC has to offer — you’re just blocks from Broadway, hundreds of delicious restaurants are nearby, and Fifth Avenue is a mere 15-minute walk for almost all of your shopping needs.This central location means you’ll always have friends coming to visit you. And while the options for entertaining them are endless, the ultimate place to chill out with friends and loved ones is right at home at ARO right on West 53rd Street. 

Now the thought of having friends over might set some people into a panic: “Do I have enough drinks for everyone?” “Should I reorganize my fridge?” “What will we do?” But there’s no need to worry about that at ARO thanks to the multitude of amenities this extraordinary building offers. So whether it’s a big blowout holiday party or a small intimate dinner or anything in between, ARO’s 40,000 square-feet of amenity spaces will make your guests marvel at your home and your hosting skills. 

A 24/7 front desk concierge and an impressive lobby mean your guests will feel welcome before you get a chance to greet them. The lobby area is also an excellent place for guests to relax if you’re running late or they’re running a little early. Trust us — it really alleviates a lot of stress for both of you. It’s no fun to do last-minute tidying in your sweats while an early-bird sits on the sofa. 

But what to do while you have company…

Did somebody say “pool party”? In warm weather, invite your besties to the ARO Sky Club for a mini-staycation as you tan and swim high above the city on the rooftop terrace. Sip some spritzers while taking in 360-degree views of Manhattan and beyond. In the cooler months, you can still get your swim on in ARO’s indoor pool. That’s two pools to choose from!

Outdoor spaces abound here with rambling landscaped gardens and terraces that are just calling for a Saturday morning chat with friends over a cup of coffee.

Elevate your dinner parties by having one in the gourmet chef’s kitchen that’s a perfect place to cook for a more significant number of guests. It’s also a great place to host a cooking class night. Hire a local chef or food expert and have them instruct guests. It’s not only educational but delicious. If you feel like heading out and exploring the neighborhood for something to eat, start or end your evening gathered around the bar in the first-floor lounge.

Have a more casual night in and get your boardgames ready and gather in the Club Room. Or really take game night to the next level and play a real game of basketball in ARO’s on-site basketball course. Not only that, golf simulators let you hit the greens without traveling outside of the city. 

Even kids get a chance to have fun with their friends at ARO. The playroom is the ultimate escape for them. Here they can let their imagination run wild, but still be nearby. 

Once your friends head home, you’ll have a chance to unwind in the luxe confines of ARO — all by yourself.

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