The apps that make selling your home easier


Investing in a new home is something that demands great amounts time, effort as well as an eye for business. Once a property is bought, most owners treat it carefully, and tend to become somehow attached to it even if it’s not their primary home. So it’s no surprise that from a purely personal standpoint, the process of selling a treasured property can be very stressful. From a practical perspective, the situation is even trickier for landlords.

This is mostly because real estate investments always need to be considered carefully by prospective buyers and competition is very high in the property market.

However there still are reasons to look on the bright side: data about new-home sales in the US is very encouraging. This is also thanks to the positive impact of digital platforms and the visibility that can be gained through innovative services.
So let’s take a look at some of the best websites and apps that make selling your property much easier than you could have ever imagined.


Making it easier to showcase and eventually sell your home, SQFT featured on CNN’s “Tomorrow Transformed” and allows you to sell directly from your mobile phone. What’s great about this app is the fact that it replaces the need for a traditional agent, with fees as low as 1% as opposed to an agent’s average of 6%. What’s more, you won’t pay anything before the home sells. When you create a listing with SQFT, it will then be shared on services such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor and as many as 450 more websites and apps that make it visible across a huge network. SQFT is not a purely virtual service, as it allows you to get support from a real estate agent digitally or in person.

Roundme and 360 Panorama

Selling online is also about showcasing. Traditional photos of a property are often not enough because they fail to illustrate space and extra features in an appealing way. Apps such as Roundme and 360 Panorama allow the owner to overcome this kind of issue and really manage to show what makes an apartment great. 360° photo apps are so effective when it comes to boosting sales that even companies which operate in different sectors such as home remodeling and house expansion are using them more and more often. This is notably the case for CRSmith, which has chosen Roundme to showcase its conservatory and orangery options.


Hailed by Fortune as “the website which helps you sell your house in 3 days”, Opendoor does just what it says on the tin. As an owner, you can describe your home and then wait for the prior home inspection by the Opendoor team. A fair price is then associated to your property and all you need to do is choose your move out date. Closing is managed by the Opendoor team and the process is really straight-forward and less time-consuming than through traditional agencies.

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