5 Reasons Millennial Professionals Love El Centro

The sunny weather and easygoing lifestyle of Los Angeles have drawn young people for over a century. But it’s not just aspiring actors who flock here in droves. As a world center of finance and culture, young professionals want to call LA home. 

Fortunately for them, Los Angeles’ real estate offerings are world-class. Want a vibrant community of like-minded professionals to work in? Look no further than El Centro that’s not only in the center of everything but gives a variety of living arrangements that suit almost anyone’s lifestyle. 

Here’s are 5 reasons why El Centro is the top choice condo for young professionals in Los Angeles. 


Located right on Hollywood and Vine, El Centro condos are literally in “the center” of everything. You can view the Hollywood Hills or get to Downtown LA easily. And the surrounding neighborhood is full of all the amenities a young professional needs from that morning cup of matcha to an evening wind-down mezcal. And it’s all just 5 minutes away. 

Go Car-Optional

That easy walk is one of the major reasons work-a-day types love living in this neighborhood. But there’s another facet to El Centro’s location and it saves time, money, and stress — living car-optional. Everyone in Los Angeles knows that having a car is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, you can get to the beach or take a weekend trip to Joshua Tree at a moment’s notice, but doesn’t walking to work and not sitting in traffic every day sound amazing? Big companies like Capitol Records and Netflix are nearby. So, fill up on your favorite pastry on your stroll to the office or co-working space instead of waiting in line for gas in the morning.


If you need more than a walk to get your workout in, El Centro has myriad options to get that calorie burn. Not only can you head to the beach to surf or the hills to hike or hit up nearby Love for Pilates or SoulCycle easily from here, but El Centro’s on-site gym also is state-of-the-art and includes a yoga studio to warm up or wind down after you work up a sweat. For an even better cooldown, may we recommend a trip to El Centro’s spa?

Getting Social 

Young, professional millennials aren’t just all work and working out; they like to play too. Meeting new friends and neighbors is easy in El Centro’s thoughtfully planned public spaces. Invite friends over to show them your amazing digs, including the common lounge areas on chilly evenings you can all gather around the fireplace … when you’re not seeing the latest Upright Citizen’s Brigade performance or a show at Amoeba Music that is. And for nights when cooking food for a dinner party isn’t an option, restaurants like Mozza are a quick car ride away.


When you’re young, you want options, and El Centro gives them to you whether you want a charming studio, a1- or 2-bedroom apt, or a palatial penthouse, in these luxury apartments you have a choice.

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