The 5 Most Important Questions For Your Movers

Packing up all of your belongings, finding somewhere new to live, and then trying to make a brand-new neighborhood, city, or even country feel like home can be a real challenge, even to the most intrepid travelers. For anyone who feels a bit wary about their big moves, making sure you have all the pertinent information from your movers can make the entire process much more smoothly. Whether your final destination is New York City or Nuuk, asking these questions before you hit the road can make all the difference:


Are you insured?: Before you trust virtual strangers to pack and move your prized possessions, it’s essential to find out if they have the proper licenses and insurance to move your things out of your old place and into your new one. Not only will having full insurance help protect your stuff, meaning it can be replaced or you can be compensated for it should anything go awry, it also means that you’ll be covered if the movers ding your neighbor’s door, leave a mark in your elevator, or scuff some paint coming up the stairs.


Do you handle art?: Knowing whether or not your movers can help you safely relocate your art can put your mind at ease on the big day. Make sure you ask for references before you take their word for it, however; there’s a big difference between, “Yes, I can lift a painting,” and “I know how to properly wrap that Rembrandt in acid-free paper and I’ll put corner protectors on its frame so nothing gets damaged.”


Will you be bringing all the packing materials with you?: Save yourself the stress of having to run to the shop to buy packing materials at the last minute by making sure your movers will be bringing their own. This should mean more than just a few rolls of bubble wrap and tape; ask your movers to have furniture sliders and blankets, packing peanuts, boxes, and protective materials for your elevator, if need be.


How many movers are you bringing?: If you’re expecting a whole team to show up at your flat, you’ll probably be rather shocked when your moving “team” is just a single guy who will take hours to pack and load everything. If you want your move conducted in an easy and expeditious manner, having multiple people on hand will make it easier to reach that goal.


Will You unpack for me?: Getting to your new home and discovering that you have hours of unpacking ahead of you can be a serious source of stress. If you’re expecting your movers to do the unboxing for you, make sure that’s communicated well before you hire them and you’ll save yourself the hassle of trying to keep them at your home for additional hours.


While you can’t mitigate all of the changes that go along with a move — a temporarily misplaced set of napkins or longer-than-expected unpacking time all go along with the territory, after all — you can do your best to prepare yourself for the big day by asking your movers any questions well in advance. Being armed with the right information can help you keep your move from becoming a source of stress, making it easier for you to relax and settle into your new place in no time.

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