The Top 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for many people, it’s also the biggest eyesore. In many homes, the kitchen is riddled with major design flaws that homeowners are forced to face day in and day out. The good news? Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to mean spending tens of thousands of dollars on upgrades. With just a few easy additions to your space, you’ll be enjoying a more beautiful, more usable space in no time.

Paint your cabinets: Dingy cabinets can make an otherwise attractive room look drab and depressing. Fortunately, a coat of paint can fix that in virtually no time at all. Find a color you love, remove the hardware on your existing cabinets, and take the front of the cabinets down off their hinges, if possible. Use fine-grit sandpaper to slightly rough up the surface of your cabinet, prime, and paint. In mere hours, you’ll have a kitchen that feels completely transformed.

Swap out your hardware: Those outdated drawer pulls, whether they’re super-‘70s ceramic pieces or ‘80s Lucite monstrosities, are doing nothing for the appeal of your kitchen. Fortunately, updating your kitchen hardware is as easy as it is inexpensive. For a small sum, you can add metal or glass knobs or drawer pulls to your kitchen, modernizing it and making it more functional along the way.

Add some fresh flooring: Laminate flooring or tired ceramic tile can ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen. If you’re trying to refresh the room, consider putting in hardwood floors or a porcelain tile; many companies now make a porcelain tile that resembles wood, but is easier to clean and more durable.

Put in some accent lighting: Recessed lighting is fine, but if you want to give your kitchen some pizzazz, try adding an accent piece to your lighting scheme. A chandelier or pendant lamp can brighten up the room and make it look more modern.

Update your backsplash: One of the most inexpensive kitchen projects also has the most impact. Ditch that bare wall or outdated tile for some white subway tile or glass tile and you’ll have a more beautiful kitchen to enjoy in no time.

Living with an outdated kitchen can mean that you’re spending hours a day in a room you find bearable, at best. Making your kitchen a more usable space with some easy upgrades can do more than just make it a more pleasant space to cook in today, it can mean higher resale value in the future, too.

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